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Why my Maruti Suzuki 800 overheats when the air conditioner is on?

By: Rishikesh Shukla on 2017-08-05

1 Answers:

The most common reason of engine overheating due to AC is - increased engine load caused by failing AC compressor. The AC compressor adds rotational load to the engine, and if the compressor is wearing and becoming increasingly harder to turn and hence the engine overheats. Another common cause of engine over heating due to AC is - not working of cooling system efficiently. The AC condenser heats up as the AC is being used so the engine cooling system has to deal with this increased heat. Plugged or blocked radiator condenser fins, fans not working efficiently or a water pump that is not circulating coolant could all cause overheating with AC on only. I advise you to take your car to your local Maruti Suzuki service center for proper diagnosis and right repair.

Umesh    2017-08-05

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