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Is Alto LXI suitable for ghats and hilly areas? What precautions should I take to avoid risk?

By: Venkat on 28 may 2017

1 Answers:

In my opinion, Alto LXI is not good enough for hilly areas as it is powered by small 800cc engine which feels stressed while driving up-hills, especially when the car is fully loaded. This car is not available in automatic transmission, so driving this car on steep inclines without safety features like Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control can be dangerous as switching your foot from the accelerator to brake can result in a roll back, especially if you are a less experienced driver.

Talking about the precautions, I would suggest you to take following precautions to avoid risk while driving on ghats and hilly areas:

• Use the handbrake on the inclines to hold the car in one place to prevent it from rolling back.
• Don’t use AC during uphill driving as it draws power from engine and Alto already has a small displacement engine.
• Make sure your car tank is full of fuel before driving on hilly areas.
• Maintain extra distance between your car and other vehicles.
• Use horn if your view is blocked by a curve or a hill, especially during the day when there is no headlight glow to warn you of oncoming traffic.

Ramesh   2017-05-28

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