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My 2004 model Maruti Suzuki Alto delivers a mileage of 15 kmpl, can I improve it?

By: BIJAY SHANKAR PADHAN on 2017-26-07

1 Answers:

In city driving conditions the new Alto 800 delivers a mileage of 18-19 kmp,l but as your Alto is 13-14 year old, the mileage it is delivering (15 kmpl) is quite acceptable. You can improve the mileage by 2-3 kmpl if you follow some suggestions like: not over-using clutch, selecting appropriate gears, keeping tyres properly inflated, driving in the highest gear possible on highway, avoid excessive idling, get the air filter and fuel filter cleaned regularly and always close the windows with AC on the drive etc.

vinay    2017-26-07

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