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Can I upgrade the tyres of my Alto K10 to 165/70 R14? Will it cause a problem if I change the back wheels as well?

By: Kuldeep on 2016-24-02

1 Answers:

You can upgrade the tyre size of your Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. Though in place of 165/70 R14, I would like to suggest a tyre size of 175/60 R13 as compared to the original tyre size of 165/65 R13 because this is the optimum tyre size for the Alto K10. The reason for this is that it leads to an increase in tyre width within the safe range. The aspect ratio or tyre profile has been decreased from 65 to 60 which is a lower profile. A lower profile gives the driver better handling and greater control on corners. However, lowering this profile alters the reading on your speedometer so you should get that fixed before driving. This will not cause any problems if all four wheels are changed together. If you change only the rear wheels, it can cause a disbalance. However, you also would need to figure out the position for the nut-bolts in the rim because at times a larger rim would not match the brake holes. That is something which you will have to find out in actuality.
Do remember that a change in tyre would affect the axle and also during driving, the tyre might touch the body of the car in case of pot holes because a bigger tyre would mean reduction in the space between the body of the car and the tyre.

Yogesh    2016-24-02

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