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My Maruti Alto K10 VXi ATM has covered around 356kms and is delivering an average of just 10kmpl whereas the company claims nearly 24.07kmpl. I drive with the AC on but at optimum speed therefore the mileage shouldn't be affected up to this extent. I have never faced this mileage issue with any of my previous Maruti cars. Is this a problem or is it a normal occurance with Alto K10?

By: Komal on 2016-29-05

1 Answers:

The Maruti group claims the average of Alto K10 VXi AMT model to be 24.07kmpl, but that is considering ideal conditions. In normal conditions, the car should give you around 19-20kmpl. In this case, clearly your vehicle getting a poor average and it can mean two things; first is that you have calculated the mileage incorrectly and secondly, it can be that there is some fault in your engine due to which more fuel is being burnt.
For correct calculations of average the best method is that you need to start with a full tank and note the km reading. Now, the next time you put in fuel, note the litres that go in and the distance travelled since the previous full tank. Divide the distance travelled (Previous distance subtracted by the distance noted the second time) with the amount of fuel that you have replaced and this will give you your correct mileage.
Other than this, you need to keep your vehicle at lower rpm and higher gear during highway drives. You need to ensure minimum time delays in engine running in stand still position due to jams and queues at toll-booths etc. because this uses the fuel but what you’ll note is that the car has not travelled any distance. Even after all the above if your average is poor then you definitely need to take your vehicle to the nearest service station. 

Nargis    2016-29-05

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