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Is the manual gearbox for Alto K10 better or the AGS AMT gearbox?

By: Sahil on 17 july 2016

1 Answers:

The engine in the Alto K10 VXI manual as well as of the Alto K10 AGS AMT is the same. Due to the same engine the maximum output power remains almost the same at 67bhp. Therefore both the options are equally good and it is a matter of preference.

In my opinion, manual transmission is a better option for those who like to take pick-ups at a higher rpm range and also who enjoy the overall feel of driving. An automatic vehicle is suited for those who prefer a much smoother ride with lesser worry of acceleration and braking. It works best for those who have to travel a lot on day to day basis through congested roads and traffic. Also, your gearbox will react to how you drive the car and in my opinion if you use the manual gearbox well, then the car offers a much more powerful feel and an overall feel-good factor. 

Sushila    2016-07-17

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