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Can the fuel tank of my car be filled more than its capacity? Petrol pump people filled 36 liters in my Alto K10 but its fuel tank capacity is 35 liters?

By: Sreeraj Nair on 15 april 2017

1 Answers:

Tampering with pumps does happen, but there are also justifiable reasons for a discrepancy between the amount of fuel metered by a fuel pump and company mentioned fuel tank capacity. What's mentioned by company as tank capacity doesn’t take into account the volume of the filler pipe and neck, hoses and the quantity of fuel in engine etc all of these things can exceed the fuel tank capacity by fair bit.

In your case, whether petrol pump people really filled the 36 liters of fuel or did some tempering with the fuel pump depends on how much fuel had left in the fuel tank prior to filling 36 liters as you cannot drive to a fuel station with an entirely empty fuel tank, so in my opinion if the fuel quantity prior to filling was 1 – 1.5 liters then it is acceptable else they must have done some tempering with the fuel pump.

It is not advisable to fill the fuel tank to its full capacity as some air space must be left above the fuel to allow for expansion and also for fuel to recirculate from the engine. This is also essential for maintaining a constant fuel system pressure as well as maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the fuel system.

Umesh   2017-04-15

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