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Would there be any problem, if I upgrade the 155 65 R13 tyres of my Alto K10 with 175 65 R15 tyres?

By: Rishu Gupta on 2017-27-05

1 Answers:

No, the 175 65 R15 tyres will not be suitable for your older Alto which has 155 65 R13 size tyres as the new would be far away from the company fitted tyre size. The disadvantages of upsizing the tyres with more than the recommended size are:

• Suspension will not be able to soak up bumps as efficiently compared to a vehicle with the original tyre size.
• The steering may become harder.
• If the wheel wells do not have sufficient space, tyres would scrape against the car’s body.
• Bigger wheels means more weight which can adversely affect fuel economy,
• The speedometer reading will not be accurate.
• Tyres will lead to early wear.

Inder    2017-27-05

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