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Why is the rear wheel of my Maruti Suzuki Alto making noise, though I have changed drive shaft and wheel bearing?

By: Arlush cheran on 2018-01-09

1 Answers:

The rear wheel noise can be cause by number of factors, apart for issue in drive shaft and worn-out wheel bearing there are also other factors like:

• A noise from the wheel area can also be caused by worn brake pads or uneven braking surfaces between the pad and the brake rotor.

• When tire tread wears down, the tires often make noises.

• Faulty, damaged or ill-fitting wheel covers are also possible causes of wheel noise.

• Wheel misalignment issues can also cause noises.

• Your car's tie-rod ends, seals, ball joints and universal joints all need lubrication, and if they dry out, that could lead to a squeal, screeching or grinding noise.

• Under-inflated and over-inflated tires can also make weird noises. Check your tire pressure routinely, and follow your car and tire manufacturers’ advice about the correct tire pressure.

Shubham Sharma    2018-01-09

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