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Maruti Suzuki Baleno Defogger

Defogger is a very useful device that removes condensed water droplets from the front and rear windscreens, and window panes of a vehicle. Its main purpose is to improve visibility on the road by removing condensed water from the main windscreen. While driving in the rainy season, many times we face the problem of condensed water getting accumulated on the glass surfaces of the car, which reduces visibility and it is difficult to keep an eye on the road. That is why, manufacturers install defogger in cars to reduce the chances of accidents and increase road safety. Almost all cars come with a front defogger and the rear defogger is also present in most of the cars these days.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno has taken the market by storm. The premium hatch has increased the already-high demand of Maruti Suzuki cars by manifold. Along with many features, Baleno also comes with a front as well as rear defogger across all its variants; only the base variant is not offered with a rear defogger.

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