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I am looking at buying a Maruti Baleno. I have been hearing good and bad comments about the car; latter being focussed on the rear suspension and excessive vibrations at top speed. Please share your opinion as to whether I should buy a Baleno or not. Also, do share some alternates which I can look at.

By: Mohammed Noorul Haque on 28 july 2016

1 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is one of the best vehicles launched by Maruti in the recent times. Although there have been complaints related to the rear suspension, but that can always be compensated by using a lower tyre pressure on the rear tyres as it will act as a cushion as well. The vibrations at top speed happen only if your alignment or balancing of the tyres is not up to the mark otherwise the car drives quite smoothly. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the Baleno and one must take a test drive of the vehicle and judge the car first hand. Also, the maintenance of the vehicle is super easy and hassle free.

However, if you wish to go in for an alternate then the other options available to you are Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Elite i20, Volkswagen Polo and Honda Jazz. The Swift is a brand in itself and the success of the car is what vouches for its performance. Hyundai Elite i20 on the other hand is seen picking up sales in the recent times owing to the fact that the car is loaded with features and is easy to run and maintain. It might not be as cheap as Maruti when it comes to the after sale service cost but Hyundai servicing is pretty good too and very wide spread as well. Volkswagen Polo and Honda Jazz are more elitist amongst the others in this group where the former is known for its performance and latter for the interiors and its space. Both are difficult to maintain but they are wonderful vehicles. There are a number of options available for you but in the end it all depends on your purpose and the budget. 

Rajan   2016-07-28

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