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I wish to buy a Maruti S-Cross but I am confused due to the car being a diesel powered vehicle. Please suggest if I should go in for a diesel engine or petrol engine vehicle since I am driving my car for around 10,000kms a month while at other times, the vehicle is standing for a week at a stretch? Also, explain the difference between the two so that it can help me choose.

By: S Muralidhara on 2 august 2016

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For a layman, the basic difference between the two is in terms of mileage output, fuel costs and maintenance costs. If you have a running of over 1500 kms – 2000 kms a month then you should consider a diesel car because though it is more expensive than petrol vehicle and needs more maintenance as well, in the longer run you end up saving in terms of fuel costs which balances out the cost of purchase. The mileage of a diesel car is always better than its petrol counterpart. Therefore overall, in the longer run you end up saving money despite paying a higher cost during the time of purchase.
As for petrol vehicles, they don’t ask for as much maintenance and are cheaper while purchasing as well, the running cost for them is higher since cost of petrol is higher than diesel. Also, petrol engines aim at giving a smoother and silent drive while diesel aims at giving power and efficiency. Therefore, petrol cars are considered by those who have a lower running in day to day situations. This is because these cars don’t ask for maintenance as much as diesel cars and therefore overall it balances out your costs.
Now since you have a running of 10,000kms at times, you should consider a diesel car definitely. Also, though at times your car is parked for a week at a stretch, this shouldn’t cause you any trouble because these days diesel engines are quite refined and this won’t adversely affect the engine life. You can probably start your car every 3-4days and just take it for a spin if you please but it isn’t really necessary with the new and improved technology that the car makers have begun to use these days. Keep your car properly, well maintained and drive it carefully while send it for servicing regularly and you shouldn’t have any problems in the longer run except of course, the general wear and tear.
S-Cross is definitely a good car but you can also consider Maruti Swift, Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Creta and Maruti Brezza etc. as well. 

Chinu   2016-08-02

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