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Most of the reviews for Maruti Baleno state that the suspension of the vehicle is poor. Is that the case?

By: Vinod kumar on 2 august 2016

1 Answers:

Yes, there have been many complaints regarding the suspension being stiff and I am sure that the company is working on it and a more refined suspension is being worked upon. Apart from this I would recommend you to take a firsthand test drive yourself to have a feel of the drive. Sometimes one can reduce the tyre pressure in the rear tyres to provide a higher cushioning effect in the car. It’s all about a combination of mix and match. Higher tyre pressure will make the car bounce on the road and reduce the cushioning effect and it might feel that the suspension is poor leading to the ride being hard, but a lower tyre pressure will certainly do the exact opposite.

Dhurav   2016-08-02

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