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I am confused between Maruti Brezza and Maruti Baleno. I feel that diesel vehicles will be banned in Bangalore very soon which is why I booked the Maruti Baleno. However, I am still confused and find Brezza to be an excellent car to go in for.

By: Manish Kumar on 9 august 2016

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The major difference between Maruti Brezza and Maruti Baleno is the fact that former is a compact SUV while latter is a luxury hatchback. So, the first and foremost thing which you need to decide is the style of vehicle which you wish to choose. Secondly, so far there hasn’t been any news regarding a ban on diesel vehicles in Bangalore, in fact even in Delhi, the ban has been lifted with a Green Tax on diesel vehicles. Anyway, coming back to both cars; each of them is pretty good and comfortable, while offering you a brilliant driving and handling experience.
Brezza and Baleno use similar diesel engine with Brezza engine tuned to deliver 90PS while Baleno diesel engine produces 75PS. Though the figure is lower for Baleno but it drives smoothly and it is remarkably quick in comparison to Brezza. The fuel efficiency of the hatchback is better too because of the lower kerb weight. On the inside, both are almost equal with slight differences here and there. So overall, one can say, both have negatives and positives when compared to each other so it is definitely a matter of your choice. However, that being said, if you ask my opinion then I would suggest that you go in for Brezza because it offers a lot of features similar to what Baleno offers, while it is a SUV which makes it a tad bit more comfortable than the hatchback. Nevertheless, there isn’t any place where Baleno falls short either and it is just a matter of preference.

Dipnashu   2016-08-09

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