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Why there is much space between engine and radiator in Maruti Suzuki Baleno? Why there is not underbody cover for engine?

By: Dharmesh on 15 august 2016

1 Answers:

No particular reason can be assigned for more space between engine and radiator of Baleno, it may be for the purpose of efficient heat transfer of the coolent from the radiator to atmosphere and placing the radiator slightly away from the engine can help in quick cooling. It may also be for the purpose of improving Baleno’s crash worthiness, in case of frontal collision maybe the crumbling of the front can absorb some amount of crash energy before the crash reaches the engine, another reason may be that Global Baleno comes with a bigger engine than Indian Baleno, hence the space. There is no underbody cover for engine, but engine is set high and I think it wouldn’t cause any problem or prone to damage.

Sanjana   2016-08-15

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