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I have to park my Maruti Suzuki Baleno under a tree hence small leaves enter into the bonnet, would they do any harm to my car? Does anti corrosion paint required

By: Sam Jefferson on 18 january 2017

1 Answers:

Yes, leaves can come in the engine hood via the gap between the hood and the fenders and hood /firewall channel and if accumulate inside for long time, they can hold moisture which can corrode the metal and may damage the battery as well, If you don’t have option of parking shed, you can use car-covers, as they do keep the leaves and other things off.

Talking about the underbody corrosion paint, so if you live in a coastal area where the air is full of moisture, better get the underbody treatment. But, if you are in plains where it rains for a month or two, corrosion paint is not at all required as the company apply a coat of rust repellant before shipping those metallic parts.

Kapil   2017-01-18

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