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Can we add cng kit in cellerio automatic version ??

By: Vijay sathe on 7 january 2015

2 Answers:

Hey Vijay Sathe..

Maruti Suzuki Celerio automatic transmission version can be fitted with CNG kit. Generally CNG kit is fitted to manual transmission versions. It could be because of easy of maintenance and economical fuel efficiency. As far as automatic transmissions are concerned, there are very few number of customers who take risk of compromising over performance and comfort of driving than fuel economy. In short, it wont be that advisable to go for a CNG kit for automatic transmission versions.


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-02-12

Well, this is something that is not at all suggested. CNG disturbs the entire transmission system as it's an electronically controlled one. Ideally, if an AT version of a car can run of Petrol, there shouldn't be issues with CNG as well, but you are never sure of a good fuel efficiency out of CNG in this case. There seems to be no relation between a CNG + Automatic. Even if you try installing one, the results will be wiered. We don't suggest this.

Siddhi   2015-01-23

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