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What are the features of Maruti Suzuki Celerio?

By: saumya on 2 april 2015

10 Answers:

Celerio is a mid-size hatchback and thus has just above the line features like headrests, driver seat height adjuster, an advanced music system embellished with USB and AUX ports, four high quality speakers. The top model also has a multi-functional steering wheel with controls for audio and Bluetooth. It also has a lot of storage spaces including cup holders, magazine pockets, bottle holders, large boot compartment and many other utility based features along with better cushioned seats and spacious cabin.

Tarun   2015-04-02

Maruti Suzuki Celerio is considered to be the cheapest automatic in India (until Tata launches the AT version of its Nano) It's a new release from Maruti Suzuki which comes with a good list of features. This has got two versions both manual and EZ Drive Automatic gearbox which is really impressive. The car has got the benefit of being competitively priced along with being new launch. Thus extra bonus for this car. The attraction for the buyers will be lesser cost of it for maintenance. The fuel economy is another plus point.

Arpit   2015-04-16

Despite it’s a hatchback model, Maruti Suzuki Celerio is loaded with so many advanced features which usually comes in sedans. Some of these features include tilt and telescopic power steering, power windows, central door locking, tachometer, multifunctional steering wheel, automatic transmission option, 2 Din advanced music system with powerful speakers and Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in connectivity, electronic outside rear view mirrors, rear window washer and wiper, rear window defogger, alloy wheels, ABS, Dual front airbags, keyless entry, fog lamps, rear spoiler, engine immobilizer etc.

Laheen   2015-04-29

This is a hatchback car of mid size segment, and there are headrests, driver seat height adjustment feature, and the music system is advanced. The USB and Aux ports are larger-than-life and there are 4 speakers of high quality. The audio and Bluetooth controls can be accessed from the steering wheel. The storage spaces and the cup holders are great. There are also magazine holders, bottle holders, and the cabin is spacious.

sarukesh   2015-05-01

Celerio from Maruti Suzuki is the cheap priced and best car in the Indian market. There are lots of features available in the car, and the 2 versions from the car too have all the good features. The car has an impressive automatic gearbox. The car is priced competitively, and the price tag is an added benefit to the car. The mileage is another reason why the car is best in the segment.

pankaj   2015-05-15

If you are thinking of getting the features of a sedan, and want to pay the price of the hatchback, then Maruti Suzuki Celerio is the only choice. The features of the car include tilt and telescopic steering, central door locking, multifunctional steering wheel, automatic transmission option, USB, Aux-in connectivity, rear window washer, electronic outside rear view mirrors, keyless entry, fog lamps, engine immobilizer, dual front air bags, and lot more.

stayanand   2015-05-29

The celerio is a hatchback of the mid size segment, and there are many features like the headrest, adjustment feature for the driver seat, AUX ports, music system embellished, and four high quality speakers. The car has a multifunctional steering wheel, which lets the drivers to control the Bluetooth and audio system. The storage space inside the car is large, and the car is also spacious. The cabin space is great.

Sunendu   2015-07-01

The most inexpensive automatic car is the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. There are lots of good features added in the car, and this is great for the car owners. The car has 2 versions, the manual version, and the EZ drive automatic version, and the car is also priced cheap, which is an added advantage. The maintenance cost is also lower. The mileage is also an additional advantage.

Paras   2015-07-03

There are many advanced features, which one sees in the sedan cars are seen in the Celerio from Maruti Suzuki, which is also a hatchback car. The features like telescopic power steering, central door locking, tachometer, multifunctional steering wheel, USB, electronic outside rear view mirrors, fog lamps, engine immobilizers and the rear spoiler are present in the car. The car has great storage space, and there is enough space for the bottles offered with the bottle holders and the magazine holders too exist.

Ratnesh   2015-07-06

Many people want to enjoy all the features of the sedan, but the budget might be tight, and people would look for cheaper options. If you want to pay less and enjoy the features still, then go for the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. The car is laden with advanced features. Rear window washer, automatic transmission option, USB, Aux in connectivity, engine immobilizer, dual front air bags, and the rear view mirrors are a few examples.

Amitesh   2015-07-08

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