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Can 793cc diesel engine capable for travelling in hilly areas ?

By: R K Maurya on 21 june 2015

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Hello R K Maurya !!

Driving in hilly areas is not a problem with Maruti Suzuki 793cc Diesel Engine, a correct procedure has to be followed not only with Celerio but with every car in order to minimize rollback as it is less related with car and more related with your driving skill. There's even a sticker on the driver's door in Maruti Suzuki Celerio advising you to use the handbrake to aid starting on an incline. When starting off on a hill, switching your foot immediately from the brake to accelerator will result in the Celerio rolling back before the clutch is engaged and it moves forward. On a steep hill, the car can roll back as much as 3 feet before moving forward, it's obviously dangerous, and also bad for the clutch in terms of wear & tear and overheating. In fact, there's a special 'transaxle overheating' warning light just for this. Thus, it's best to use the parking brake when starting off on an incline. This results in only an inch or two of rollback and a very gradual start-off.

If you are stuck in heavy traffic on steep slope uphill or downhill then use of handbrake is always a good option. While climbing steep hills using manual gears are better than automatic as when you apply the automatic gear and press the accelerator and then it automatically changes gear to second suddenly realizes that it cannot go up in second gear and it changes back to first gear and this loop goes on, but when climbing steep hills if you use manual gear and engage first gear and accelerate until you finish the climb. The gear will not change unless you tap the lever again. So when the whole climb is done then you can either use manual or change to Automatic mode, so if you have good hands on your car then there is no problem in driving any car in hilly areas.



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Team Autoportal   2015-06-26

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