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I bought a Maruti Celerio AMT last September. I wanted to know if the car can handle around 500kms of travel in a day? Will such a distance cause overheating or other such related issues? Also, are there any precautions which I should keep in mind while taking my car for a road trip that will go on for a few days and can include a drive of 500kms in a day?

By: Ameya Joshi on 30 june 2016

1 Answers:

Maruti Celerio can definitely handle long drives but before taking the car on such a trip you should remember to get it fully checked and also keep track of its service reports etc. While you take the car for servicing, your mechanic will be able to guide you well regarding any issues that need to be paid attention to. However, this car is comfortable for two to three people because it has a smaller leg space at the rear which can cause difficulty to the passenger in the rear seat.
As far as the performance is concerned, you shouldn’t be worried at all. You will be able to manage good speed. Drive it properly, easily and comfortably without using too much of sudden brakes and rough roads, and the car will reward you with a good mileage as well.
You should do a little reading about how to prepare your car for a long trip and also talk to your mechanic for some basic tips and tricks. In general though, you’ll face no issues as such with this car barring if it’s serviced regularly, maintained and driven properly and carefully. 

Jivan   2016-06-30

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