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User review on Maruti Suzuki Celerio written by BV (Guest) on 10 February 2015

Year of Manufacture : 2014 | Driven no. of Kms. : 600

  • Overall
    Overall rating: 3.75
  • Exterior
    Overall rating: 4
  • Suspension
    Overall rating: 5
  • Comfort
    Overall rating: 4
  • Safety
    Overall rating: 2
  • Pros: Good space inside. AMT so far been good. Best part is with flick its a normal manual car.No jerks noticed by passengers. Maruti maintenance is low.
  • Cons: Issue noticed: While driving in 3rd gear @40KMPH my 5 year old daughter accidently flipped the AMT lever to Neutral. I immediately noticed it in the console as showing in N (Neutral) and flipped it back to D (Drive) and there was no issues or jerks. Maruti should put some button on the stick or some safety mechanism so the co-passengers should not be able to change gear accidently and cause issues. Just imagining while in manual mode, downshifted for a overtaking and someone put the stick to Automatic mode and the AMT try to change gear during the overtaking. No Airbag and No ABS in AMT models
I got VXI AMT and driving in City traffic is painless and really only after you drive automatic you will enjoy it. Just like you would not like any car now without power steering, electronic window or without AC? Why not concentrate more on our mad roads with potholes and people/animals jumping in front rather than thinking of changing gears. Best part is with a flick you can convert it to Manual and you select the gear and rev it till 6k RPM. Driving on Slopes always put in Manual Mode as the AMT(Drive mode) will try to change gear from say 1st to 2nd and your car will slow down to the point that cars behind you would think you have stalled. I was able to smoothly climb 40 degree incline at 2nd gear in manual mode with one co-passenger and AC in medium. If more passengers or load then 1st gear is fine. Similarly on a downward slope you put in 1st or 2nd and use engine braking. Space is fine for my family size. Also the Accelerator is not your normal but Drive by wire. Meaning the computer will decide how much to accelerate depending on how you press it. It will take getting used to.

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