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Which one is better Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol or Maruti Suzuki Ciaz diesel?

By: Saket on 14 may 2014

4 Answers:

I believe that it would not be a fair advice if I tell you to choose Diesel mill or Petrol mill. Every thing comes with its own negative points and benifits, for instance it is usually said that diesel mills are known for its low running cost but high maintance cost and on other hand Petrol mill is know for high running low and low maintance cost. There is a reason behind this believe, the diesel engines have to undergo the high pressure of combustion and hence they have to be built strong and need regular checkups. Not only this, the diesel engine under the hood of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz or any other diesel engine need regular replacement of liquids.

Sonal Gupta   2014-05-14

Petrol price are surging on a spiraling pace and so is the diesel, but diesel is still a cheaper fuel than petrol. That's why a lot of buyers want to opt for diesel engines. However, your decision to go for a diesel car can go opposite if your running requirements are low. If your daily running requirement are greater than 80 KMs or so, you can opt for a diesel than a petrol one. Otherwise, you won't be able to do justification with that extra Rs. 1 Lakhs or so, that you paid extra for a diesel version in comparison to petrol. Diesel Ciaz has more torque and more mileage on paper, however in the real world both diesel and petrol Ciaz performs the same. Both are equal on features and functionalities so it is your personal decision for buying any of these. Although, you won't get the option of AMT in diesel Ciaz.

Kapooram   2015-02-08

It depends on your requirements, its both petrol and diesel variants are equipped with the similar comfort features. If you are looking for high performance power and pick up, you can go for Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol variants, but if your monthly running is more than 1000 kms and you are looking for good mileage you can go for its diesel model. Its diesel model delivers around 22 kmpl mileage in city and 26 kmpl mileage on highway.

Rudhra   2015-03-09

The choice of diesel and petrol depends upon the driver, as both the petrol and the diesel variants come with the similar level of comfort features. If one desires high performance with power and acceleration, then one should go for the petrol variants. The petrol variant provides mileage of 17-19kmpl on average. For daily commuters, with average monthly drive exceeding into hundreds of kilometres, mileage and fuel efficiency are big cause of concerns, hence diesel variants are more tuned to their needs. The diesel variant has a city mileage of 22kmpl and in highway you can squeeze 26kmpl out of it.

Naksh   2015-07-24

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