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What are the variants of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz?

By: Sagrika on 13 april 2015

3 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz in a total of 11 variants - 7 of petrol and 4 of diesel variants. They are:
1-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vxi - Petrol
2-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vxi Plus - Petrol
3-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zxi - Petrol
4-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zxi (O) - Petrol
5-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zxi Plus - Petrol
6-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vxi Plus AT- Petrol
7-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zxi AT - Petrol
8-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vdi - Diesel
9-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vdi Plus - Diesel
10-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zdi - Diesel
11-Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Zdi Plus - Diesel
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Pavitra   2015-04-13

Maruti Suzuki Eeco in a total of 5 variants, and all of them are only in Petrol variants. They are:
1-Maruti Suzuki Eeco 5 STR -Petrol
2-Maruti Suzuki Eeco 7 STR -Petrol
3-Maruti Suzuki Eeco 5 STR WITH A/C+HTR -Petrol
4-Maruti Suzuki Eeco 5 STR with HTR -CNG + Petrol
5-Maruti Suzuki Eeco 5 STR WITH A/C+HTR -CNG + Petrol
For more information about Maruti Suzuki Eeco, please visit the link:

Akshita   2015-04-30

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz comes in 11 versions out of which 6 are petrol and 5 are diesel. Buyers have lot of choice to make. Petrol variants are as follows: VXi Ciaz, VXi +, ZXi, VXi + AT, ZXI +and ZXi AT furthermore, diesel models are VDi, VDi +, ZDi, ZDi (o) and ZDi+. I own silver Maruti Suzuki Ciaz VDi + and I am in love with this car and thoroughly enjoying it.

Manjot   2015-06-03

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