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Is Ciaz ZXi worth buying for 10 lakhs?

By: Vasant gawade on 17 july 2015

7 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is worth buying in 10 Lac of rupees and the same can be realized if you compare the same with other vehicles like Vento, Verna like of cars available in the same category. Ciaz is a good buy in the given range and provides a great deal over the design, engine and specifications. It is available in diesel avatar and costs you near around 10 lacs. So for me it’s a good buy.


Shlok   2015-08-01

I am agreeing with the same, The Maruti Ciaz is a good buy and will satisfy your hunger regarding a semi luxury sedan; at least I am very satisfied with it. The Ciaz ZXi is available in three different variants with price namely ZXi petrol being available at 9.38 Lac on road, ZXi plus petrol available at 10.01 Lac and ZXi AT Petrol is available at 10.62 Lac. A fully automatic semi luxury sedan at 10.6 Lac on road is awesome for me.

Shrinath   2015-08-14

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a good name in terms of the mid-size sedans; the segment is having very tight completion if you see, Verna, Vento, and City kind of cars are there who are doing very well already. So it’s hard for any car company to do some miracle and take the market share. So Ciaz has done a great deal over here, it’s not miraculous but still stands out in lot of areas where others are lacking.

Advesh   2015-08-16

Maruti Ciaz ZXi is a good deal for me also, being available in the range of 9 to 11 lacs. The car comes with three options in ZXi series of Ciaz, ZXi petrol, ZXi plus petrol and ZXi At petrol. The mileage over the 1.4 petrol engine is best in the category and give value of your money. The car has rear AC vents and a great interior and exterior which is lucrative and eye-catching.

Acharya   2015-08-18

If you are thinking that Maruti Suzuki Ciaz costs much, 10 lakhs, then you need to know that an awesome experience awaits for you with the Ciaz. You can find the car to be great compared with the rest of the vehicles of the same segment.

Nakshu   2015-09-17

For those who are looking for a semi luxury sedan, this is a car that would suit your needs definitely. You can see that the car has a tough competition from Vento, Verna, and City from the other manufacturers, but the car proves to be good than all.

Laksh   2015-09-18

This is a good deal for those who want a car that would perform good, get good mileage, and stunning looks. If you want a semi luxury sedan offering all these, then Ciaz is the best buy, and you can spend 10 lakhs with trust.

Nishant   2015-09-19

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