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I wish to buy a Maruti Ciaz but am confused between the VXI+ and VDI variants. I will drive the car around 10000kms in a year while my previous Alto K10 was driven for around 55,000kms in four and a half years. Please state which of the variants of Ciaz can give me a better mileage in actual conditions on city roads and on highways?

By: S Muralidhara on 13 july 2016

1 Answers:

Ciaz VXI+ with manual transmission is fitted with a 1.4 litre, four pot petrol engine with DOHC valve system and the claimed mileage of the car is around 20.7 kmpl on highways and 16.7kmpl on city roads while its cost will be around Rs. 8.12 lakhs, ex-showroom New Delhi.
Maruti Ciaz VDI+ SVHS costs you about Rs. 9 lakhs and is powered with a Fiat sourced 1.3 litre, DOHC diesel SHVS engine that provides a mileage of 28kmpl on highways and 25kmpl approximately on the city roads.
Now these mileage figures are keeping in mind that the car is being driven in ideal conditions which almost can never happen. Therefore, you should be prepared that there might be a 10% - 15% difference in what the car actually delivers. This is simply because the conditions of roads keep varying along with the traffic as well. Also, since you’re driving your car quite a bit, it will be more economical for you to buy a diesel variant. Diesel car will always offer you a better mileage but yes it costs a little more and requires regular service. However, if you calculate the costs in longer run including fuel costs, you’ll be able to evaluate that diesel car will prove to be more beneficial.
To ensure maximum output for the car you should get it maintained regularly, keep a check on the quality of fuel that you’re using, ensure correct tyre pressures and also drive the car at such a speed that you don’t constantly have to break. All this together can assure you maximum mileage.

Vinay Rawat   2016-07-13

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