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I am confused whether to buy Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (Petrol) or Hybrid version, the price difference between both cars is around Rs. 35,000 due to tax benefit given by Delhi government, my monthly running is 600 km, please advise which one should I go for?

By: Ankit on 8 september 2016

1 Answers:

In my opinion you should go for petrol model of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, diesel model would be better if your monthly driving need is more than 1500 kms / month, since your monthly driving is not long here petrol car makes more sense. Although diesel model delivers better mileage but you would save only Rs. 600-700 on mileage due to your low monthly running need and that would cover the extra amount (Rs. 35,000) of diesel model in more than 5 years, but remember maintenance and servicing cost of diesel cars is generally more than the petrol cars. NVH levels and resale value of a petrol cars is also comparatively better.

As far as performance parameters are concerned petrol model of Ciaz is little powerful than diesel model, although diesel model is more fuel efficient and produce better torque but petrol has better acceleration, linear power delivery and better low end punch which is a boon for stop and go traffic.

Manav   2016-09-08

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