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Which is better used Maruti Suzuki Eeco or Tata Venture?

By: Bharat on 11 may 2014

5 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki Eeco is a petrol engine version and has variants of 5 seater and 7 seater. Tata Venture is a diesel version utility vehicle with even larger seating capacity and has good mileage figures too. The main point about Venture is image of a commercial utility vehicle aimed at rural area utility with more priority for number of persons to travel and tough build quality than for speed and comfortable sesting as expected for own usage. However Eeco has better features and a image of a perfect own ourpose utility vehicle. Worth going for a Eeco.

Sonal Gupta   2014-05-11

Both Maruti and Tata are trusted brands in Indian automobile market. Maruti Suzuki Eeco comes in 1.2 liter petrol engine whereas Tata Venture is only available in diesel variant with 1.4 liter of engine capacity. Tata Venture good in terms of mileage but in looks and power, Eeco is better. Iwould suggest you to go with Eeco as it is requires low maintenance than Tata. Also, ensure that you are getting good return for your investment in a used car. Take a test drive to confirm the same.



Mehfooz   2015-06-19

The most important thing that you need to realize before comparing Maruti Suzuki Eeco with Tata Venture is that while Eeco comes in petrol and CNG variants only, Venture is only available in diesel version. Therefore, Venture models are much higher priced in comparison to that of Eeco. If you compare the cheapest cars under each of these models then Maruti Suzuki Eeco will offer its version 5 Seater (Standard) at an approximate ex showroom price of Rs. 3.5 lacs. On the other hand, LX 7 Str of Venture is priced at an ex showroom price of Rs. 5 lacs approximately. Again, while you will get a five seater and a seven seater version in case of Maruti Eeco, Tata Venture is available in seven seater version only. Now, this basic version of Eeco features In-Line Engine with 1196 cc displacement. On the other hand, Tata Venture has IDI Diesel Engine with 1405 cc displacement. While the maximum power and torque of Eeco are 73 bhp @ 6000 rpm and 101 Nm @ 3000 rpm respectively, that of Venture are 70bhp@4500rpm and 135 Nm @ 2500 rpm. Although both the vehicles have 16V engine with 4 cylinders and 4 valves each, Venture has Direct Injection fuel supply system and Eeco comes with MPFi fuel supply system. Now you can decide your ‘best’ car according to the specifications each of them come with.

Gaytri   2015-06-22

It is very difficult to indicate one car among Venture and Eeco as the best one. You have to find out which car is ‘best’ for you as per their comparative specifications. To be honest, if you compare the variant of Maruti Eeco 5 Seter AC (Petrol) with that of the Tata Venture variant LX (Diesel) then you will hardly find much difference between the two. The only differences that will get highlighted are their prices, seating capacity, fuel type and engine power. On the whole, Venture is higher priced and is available in all diesel versions come with 7 and 8 seater capacities, and Eeco has 5 and 7 seater arrangements. While the fuel tank capacity of Eeco is 40 liters, that of Venture is 35 liters. However, both the cars offers almost similar mileage; Eeco gives 11.8 kmpl within city and 15.1 kmpl in the highway, and Venture gives 11.5 kmpl within city and 15.42 kmpl in the highway. Again, while both the vehicles come with tubeless radial tyres, the size of Venture’s tyres are 165/65 R14,165/65 R14 and that of Eeco are 155/R13. Again, the cargo volume of Eeco is slightly greater than Venture.

Nandan   2015-06-20

Besides the engine specifications and performance, other things that might determine your choice of the ‘best’ car are comfort and convenience, interiors, exteriors and safety parameters. If you simply compare Maruti Suzuki 7 Seater Standard (Petrol) of Eeco with Tata Venture Ex, you will find that even though both the cars are 7 seaters the dimension of Venture is greater than that of Eeco. Thus, while the dimensional specifications of Venture are 3950 mm length x 1565 mm width x 1878 mm height, that of Eeco are 3675 mm length x 1475 mm width x 1800mm height. While both has the ground clearance of 160 mm, the wheelbase of Eeco is greater than Venture. If you compare the gross weight of both the cars, you will find that Tata Venture is heavier. Now, while some features of the exteriors, like Adjustable Headlights, Manually Adjustable Ext. Rear View Mirror, etc. are there in both the cars, Venture slightly scores over with features like alloy wheels with Wheel Covers. Even in case of interiors, the versions of Venture that is being compared here scores over with extra features like Air Conditioner, Adjustable Steering Column, tachometer, Digital Clock and cigarette lighter. While you will get features like Power Steering, Accessory Power Outlet, Rear Reading Lamp, rear Seat Headrest, cup holders, etc. in Venture Ex 7 seater, they are absent in Eeco 7 seater standard.

Pardhan   2015-06-28

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