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How are the exteriors of Maruti Suzuki Eeco?

By: Karishma on 4 january 2015

16 Answers:

The exteriors of Eeco though remind a lot of Omni and the defunct Versa, it is refreshing. The thin sleek and elongated front grille makes the fascia stylish and the headlights, though simple in shape, give a distinctive look. The bumpers, door handles and ORVMs are all black in colour so that they can match up with any colour. The wide windscreen improves the road visibility and the huge sized doors make the ingress and outgress from the vehicle easy.

Madhav   2015-01-04

The Eeco is the next evolved version of all time favourite carrier of Indian customers the Maruti Suzuki Omni. The Omni had a plain box looks which were not liked by common people. But the Eeco is a better version. With a relatively powerful engine and much more bolder looks. Earlier family people don't prefer buying this car but Eeco have changed the whole concept.

Shagun   2015-01-22

According to me, looks matters and with this model of Maruti, my desire to get a beautiful car is just fulfilled. It offers excellent exterior looks that would surely attract many other buyers. The sliding doors make it easy for the middle row passenger to move, it is a spacious car. I think overall look and dimension of this car is far better than other cars of the same brand that I have ever experienced.

Shobhit   2015-06-20

I also believe on looks as when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If we take a quick look and it does not look good then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? So for me car should also look great and I am happy with this Maruti car as it fulfils my desire of a strong car.

Nikhil   2015-06-21

If I say, this Maruti Suzuki Eeco car is a perfect blend of beauty and performance then I don’t think anyone would deny this fact. Yes, I agree with all the people who believe that it is a strong car that deliver excellent performance keeping in mind the condition of roads in India. As I have experienced, it delivers me 15.1 Kmpl for petrol and 20 Kmpl for CNG mileage which I think good enough.

Rudra   2015-06-22

The Eeco has a look that would definitely remind one of the Omni and Versa, but still is not the same and definitely refreshing. The car has a thin and sleek look, though it is a bit elongated. The shape is simple but one can find this car offering a distinctive look. The car can match with any color, but grey is the best. The doors make the ingress and outgress easy.

Vijay   2015-06-24

Maruti Suzuki Omni is a very well known car of the Indian market, and this is a refurbished version of the car in the Indian market. The car is spacious and this does not make the car look bulky. The car has a middle row which makes it easy for the passengers to move. The car has a unique dimension than any other 7 seater cars. the brand offers a distinctive look to the car.

Badal   2015-06-30

The car is functional and makes it spacious for 7 people to travel in a comfortable manner. But it has to be kept in mind that not all the cars that let 7 people travel has a good design. This car has made it easy for people to own with pride without having to compromise with the looks. This is a better version of the car, and families too find it interesting to own this.

Kashyap   2015-07-01

Looks matter a lot in a car, and the people who use the car do not only look for comfy ride, but also they need to own the good looking car. Maruti Suzuki has understood this mindset of Indian people, and if you think that the Eeco is what you need, you can find the car has a distinctive look and the exteriors is great, and so also the interiors.

Nishu   2015-07-04

The Maruti Suzuki Eeco offers beauty and performance in a blend. The car has proved itself its caliber in the market, and it offers excellent performance. The car looks great on Indian roads, and the mileage is also good. The overall performance, fuel economy are not the only reasons the car is well known for, but also the sleek design makes the car a favorite in the Indian market.  

Shaantonil   2015-07-12

It is quite common to be reminded of the Omni and the Versa when one looks at the Eeco, one has to accept that the car is certainly refreshing with the exteriors. The car has a simple shape, and the look is also distinctive. The car has a widescreen, and this can improve the visibility on the roads. The ingress and the outgress of the vehicle is used, with the huge doors of the car.

Azmaan   2015-07-22

The Maruti Suzuki cars come in various shapes and sizes, to suit the varied needs of the Indian customers. For the customers who need to take entire family, or kids to various places, within the city limits, which is for most of the times, then the Eeco is the best option. Not many families wanted big cars, because the cars do not fit into their budget. This is a car that has changed the mindset of the Indian families.

Swapnil   2015-07-24

Looks do matter a lot for the Indian customers, and the Eeco has the best design and beautiful in the exteriors. The car attracts lots of buyers, and the car is also used for commercial purpose, where school kids are to be dropped to school and home every day. This is spacious and the cost of the car is also very less. This brand offers best cars in this segment, compared with the rest.

Pragya   2015-07-26

Maruti Suzuki is a well known brand in the Indian market, and the manufacturer has a car for all needs. There is Alto K10 to Ciaz that would meet the standard needs to the needs of the luxurious. When it comes to Eeco, this is a car that is designed to meet the needs of the huge families. The car looks good, and there is a sliding door. The sleek look is elongated to offer something refreshing from the Omni and Versa.

Bipasha   2015-07-28

All the buyers do have a mindset that the car should look good, and the performance and mileage comes next to the mind of many. Even if a car performs outrageously and if it does not look good, it cannot survive in the Indian market, and Maruti has understood it very well, and hence it has come up with the Eeco. It looks sleek and great, and the interiors are also good.

Ehsaan   2015-07-30

The Maruti Suzuki Eeco is addressed as a good economical car. As such, it is bound to provide an excellent fuel economy. Undoubtedly, it is a fuel efficient MPV model. The Eeco is powered by a powerful 1196cc engine. As a result, this car provides a fuel efficiency of 15.1kmpl while driving on city roads. When it commutes on highways, the Maruti Suzuki Eeco offers an outstanding mileage of 18kmpl. The variant that runs on CNG offers a fuel economy of 16km/kg in cities and 20km/kg on busy highways. In other words, mileage is not an issue for the Eeco.

Akshay   2015-08-06

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