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How speedy and fast is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga?

By: Shobhna on 30 december 2014

14 Answers:

Ertiga is offered with three engine types viz. petrol, diesel and CNG with 5-speed manual transmission. The petrol powered version has a top speed of 155kmph and can clock 0 – 100kmph in 14 seconds. For the diesel version it takes a little more than 16 seconds to cruise at 100kmph from standstill and can go all the way round in the odometer to 160kmph. The CNG variant offers 150kmph as top speed and accelerates from 0 – 100kmph in 16 seconds.

Mithun   2014-12-30

Both VVT and DDIS engine offered in all new Ertiga are powerful enough to feed the enthusiast in you. However the diesel mill have better torque and better fuel efficiency, whereas on the other hand VVT engine leads DDIS engine in terms of pickup and acceleration. In a nutshell it is a very good car to own and drive.

Ishant   2015-01-15

According to me there are three engines available with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The top speed this car has to offer is 155 Kmph. The gearbox provides the mini MPV an amazing acceleration and that is why does not take much time to reach the top speed. I think overall look and dimension of this car is far better than other cars of the same brand. It is comfortable and spacious car.

Dev   2015-06-10

I also believe on performance as when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If it is not speedy and fast then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? So for me car should give good performance and I am happy with this Maruti car as it fulfils my desire of a speedy car.

Mounik   2015-06-12

 The 5 speed manual transmission with the petrol, diesel and CNG engine variants are offered by Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The top speed of the petrol variant of the car is 150 km per hour. The car can reach 0 to 100 km speed in just 14 seconds, and the diesel variant of the car takes a bit more than 16 seconds to reach the 0 to 100 km limit. For the CNG version too is 16 secconds.

Ishaan   2015-06-15

The Ertiga from Maruti Suzuki can satisfy the needs of the customers who are looking for a speedy car. The users who want to move swift on the road will find this a great option. The diesel car has a better torque compared with the petrol variant. The VVT engine is great when it is compared with the DDIS engine when it comes to pickup and acceleration.

Hiteshi   2015-06-21

There are 3 engine types that come with the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The car offers a top speed of 150 km per hour. But it can be safely called as the 145 km per hour is the average speed of all the 3 engines. The acceleration of the car is amazing, and to reach the top speed, not any engine takes more than 20 seconds, and with the petrol engine being faster.

Raj   2015-06-30

When one spends money on the car, comfort and performance are what one looks for. The money involved also means that the car should offer top speed. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga offers a top of 150 km per hour, and this is the reason why buyers love the car. The acceleration is another factor that attracts the buyers to go for this car. The car is also comfy to ride in higher speeds.

Madhur   2015-07-01

Maruti Suzuki has been into the Indian markets for long enough to understand the needs of the Indian customers. This means that they come up with the best cars, and one is Ertiga. It is great in terms of speed, pick up and acceleration. The car can move up to 150 km per hour on the roads, and the car is not bumpy making the ride comfortable.

Yasim   2015-07-12

There are 3 engine types available with the Ertiga, like the petrol, diesel, and the 5 speed manual transmission. The car is powered by petrol, and the top speed of the car is 155 km per hour, and the clock can reach the top speed in 14 seconds. The diesel version of the car, can reach the 100 km per hour speed in 16 seconds. The CNG variant reaches the same speed in 16 seconds.

Sanjay   2015-07-24

The Ertiga comes with a powerful engine, and this is very powerful. For the enthusiasts who want to enjoy speed and performance without any hassles, going for this engine is the right thing to do. Ertiga also comes for an amazing price, and the buyers will surely like this. The pick up and acceleration are good. The car is very good to drive and own. The car also offers good mileage.

Deepak   2015-07-25

Ertiga comes in 3 different engines, and the top speed of the car is 155 km per hour. The different engines reach the 0 to 100 km speed at various point of time, and yet they are very efficient. The petrol engine reaches the 100 km per hour speed in 14 seconds, and the diesel engine does this in 16 seconds, and so does the CNG version.

Shikha   2015-07-27

For those who are looking for the speedy car, the Ertiga is the right choice. When the buyers spend money on a car, there are a few things they look for, the mileage, looks, speed, and the comfort. Ertiga offers everything to the buyers. The car has the DDIS engine, which responds faster, and the car is also easy to drive as a reason. It is powerful and you will love it for sure.

Osman   2015-07-28

Maruti Suzuki is the brand that is popular in India, and it has its own set of fans who love the car for its power and performance. Thanks to the DDIS engine of the car, which propels it, and the car can go to the maximum speed of 155 km per hour. The car is also safe and comfortable to drive even on the most bumpy roads. This is a cool car that is overall great.

Sarfraz   2015-07-30

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