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Is there any speed limit in driving newly purchased car?

By: Atul on 2 july 2015

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Hello Atul !!

Limiting the speed of the newly purchased car was recommended in the decades past, the old cars needed a definite break in time, usually first 1000 kms to 1500 kms, the reason behind this recommendation was the engines which weren't made so specifically as today’s engines, so the parts actually needed to wear next to other parts as the engine heats up, metal expands, and the various parts needed to learn to work next to other parts, once they got accustomed then we could drive the car at any speed because now the parts are all used to each other.

But cars today are made so sophisticated, that driving newly purchased car slow for first 1000-1500 kms is not important as it used to be, but still for the safety purpose we recommend you to drive slowly and under control until you get used to your any newly purchased car.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-07-09

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