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My Eritga used to deliver a mileage of 17kmpl which has suddenly dropped to 14kmpl. I have got the service done once. What can I do to improve the mileage?

By: Samer on 17 june 2016

1 Answers:

First of all, your question is unclear. Is it that you got a service and after that the mileage went down or, have you got just one service done since the purchase of your vehicle? If it is the first situation, then that means you either have not got your service done from a reputed authorised service station and therefore should get your car rechecked or that your engine might be having some troubles. If it is the second, then you need to get your car serviced.
In general cases, mileage goes down if there is a change in weather. For example, if you checked the mileage during winters, there is a high chance that during summers it falls down due to driving with AC. Also, the driving style, road conditions and traffic conditions affect the mileage drastically.
To ensure a good mileage, always get your car serviced on time, keep a check on the tyre pressure and get fuel from a good reputed pump because a lot of complaints have surfaced in various areas regarding the quality of fuel and there are a few dishonest people who are mixing the fuel with kerosene and other material. Therefore, be careful. Then, always try and drive your car in a way that it requires minimum repeated braking. If you drive in traffic, be assured that your car will not offer efficiency to its full capabilities. If you’re driving with AC, then try and not put your car at a standstill with the engine and AC on, that consumes a lot of fuel as well. These and other such small things can affect the mileage up to quite an extent. So basically, to cut a long story short, treat your car right and it’ll give you the best possible performance in return. 

Praful   2016-06-16

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