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I travel around 6000kms on an average in a year. Should I consider an Ertiga petrol or diesel?

By: Nagesh thaman on 11 august 2016

1 Answers:

6000kms a year means that on an average you drive 500kms a month. This figure is quite low therefore there is no point in paying extra for the diesel vehicle because it is beneficial only if you drive for more than 1500kms a month. The diesel vehicle costs you more and requires more maintenance as compared to a petrol vehicle but its running cost is lower therefore it is preferred by most. In such a situation, usually you end up recovering the extra price for the vehicle in about 3-5 years depending on the car. However, if you drive just 500kms a month, it would not be beneficial for you to spend that extra money on a diesel car because for you to overcome the extra amount that you paid, it’ll take way too long. 

Zoya   2016-08-11

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