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Which version of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is better diesel or CNG?

By: Sanjay Patil on 28 september 2016

1 Answers:

Both the variants have their own set of pros and cons, so it is bit difficult to declare which is better of the two, so I advise you to consider the following things to decide which one is better for you:

Diesel model of Ertiga discharges maximum power and torque of 89 bhp and 200 bhp respectively while CNG model discharges 94 bhp and 130 bhp, so the CNG model lacks the top end punch for highway and feels little strained compared to Ertiga’s diesel model.

Diesel cars are more spacious as compared to CNG cars as CNG cars don’t give enough space for luggage. Resale value of diesel cars is generally higher than CNG cars.

The maintenance and servicing cost of CNG cars is generally lower compare to diesel cars but there are some drawbacks of CNG cars like: it occupies the boot space, CNG is available in limited cities, CNG tank size is not very large which means frequent visit to the pump., majority of CNG filling pumps have longer lines to fill CNG, so ideally you should buy CNG variant ofMaruti Suzuki Ertigaonly if your driving need is more than 600 kms per month and you don’t need to use boot space much else diesel model would be a better choice,

Ashish   2016-09-28

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