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Why does my diesel model of Ertiga deliver 17 kmpl mileage while the company claimed mileage is 24.5 kmpl?

By: Shamboo Nath Tiwari on 19 june 2017

1 Answers:

There will always be difference between actual and company claimed mileage because company claimed mileage is ARAI mileage which is tested under standard testing conditions which are far from the real world conditions. While the actual world mileage is affected by lots of factors like: high periods of idling at traffic lights, starting and stopping, air-conditioner usage, excessive use of throttle and clutch pedals and also different weather and road conditions. ARAI test doesn’t consider all these variable conditions through its mileage test.

As per user reviews also diesel model of Ertiga delivers around 21-22 kmpl mileage on highway and 16-17 kmpl in city driving conditions.

Himesh   2017-06-19

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