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How are the exteriors of Maruti Suzuki Gypsy?

By: Nargis on 26 december 2014

14 Answers:

The Gypsy comes with both a hard top and a soft convertible top with folding windscreen. Its decades old front fascia, round headlights, plain indicators and fog lamps embedded rectangular in the bumper looks decent and authoritative. The side profile is all but flamboyant. No extra muscle is added in the design and it shows ruggedness, especially the protruded wheel arches. On the back there is a couple of tail lights clustered in the bumper along with a spare wheel!

Kritika   2014-12-26

The off roading is a different segment and generally off roading enthusiast does not consider looks so much. Engine is the most influencing factor while buying an SUV. The Gypsy is a made in India and is made for India that’s why the only concern is body toughness and engine. Overall the looks of this car are not that impressive but are considered good enough.

Mahesh   2015-01-21

According to me it is known for its performance and not for the looks. All the essential features available in Maruti Suzuki Gypsy like adjustable ORVM, rear wipers and rain sensing wipers, conventional head lamps, headlight height adjuster and clear tail lamp. I am an avid traveler and I simply cannot do without it. I like to travel in style and this rugged look of the car is just perfect.

Rehman   2015-06-17

As far as its performance then I have no doubt and complaint with this car. But what about the lumbar support this car has to offer, there are chances that you may face some spinal injury at high speed. No doubt, it has an amazing powerful engine that can easily attract any buyer but what about safety systems. I don’t think this car has sufficient safety systems. Think well before buying this car.

Mangesh   2015-06-19

The Maruti Suzuki comes with a hard top and the soft top. There is also a foldable windscreen. The bumper has a great look and is authoritative, and the car looks more like a front fascia of the older days, and the headlamps are plain. The indicators and fog lamps too are not of much design but look authoritative. The car looks rugged, and the protruded wheels have arches too.

Jayaed   2015-06-21

Unlike the regular cars, the offroading is altogether different segment. Those who buy such cars do not care about the looks much. The engine is what one has to look, and one has to see that the engine is efficient enough to ride on the mountain roads and the deserts. Still if the looks are important, the Gypsy does not let down one. It has an authoritative look that will make heads turn.

Arjun   2015-06-27

When it comes to the off roading vehicles, all look for the performance. The looks do not matter much. But with the Gypsy from Maruti Suzuki, the car is very impressive, and the car looks imposing on the roads making everyone turn heads. The toughness of the engine is what that matters most. The car is considered good and the overall looks too are impressive.

Agaz   2015-07-02

Performance and not the looks, that matters most when it comes to the off road vehicles. But with the Gypsy from Maruti Suzuki, the users can be satisfied based on both. One need not compromise on the looks for the sake of the engine efficiency. The essential features too are available in Maruti Suzuki. There are features that make the car functional and the design certainly demands awe.

Saahid   2015-07-05

The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy has lots of features like the adjustable ORVM, rear wipers, rain sensing wipers, headlight height adjuster, and clear tail lamp. These are awe inspiring and one can see that the Gypsy can also satisfy one with the looks. While fuel economy is acknowledged, the car’s impressive look should too be given the due appreciation.

Sayam   2015-07-12

Maruti Suzuki comes with the hard top and soft top options, and the windscreen is foldable. The car has a look of decency and authority. The bumpers look good, and the headlights are perfect. The car has a flamboyant side profile, and there is no extra muscle added to the car, and the car looks rugged. The wheel arches are protruded, and the tail lights are clustered. Overall exteriors are good.

Sofat   2015-07-27

Off road cars belong to a different category, and they cannot be compared to the on road vehicles, and the Gypsy from Maruti Suzuki is the perfect off road car. It comes with adjustable ORVM, conventional head lamps, adjustment option for headlight, and this is designed to meet the needs of the travellers who are often on the roads than on the homes. The car though is not a very fashionable car, but looks good.

Mehnaz   2015-07-28

When you are looking for an off road vehicle you will search for features like raggedness, and this is not going to be good, if the car has exteriors that are stylish. You will not find surfaces that can complement the car’s looks when you are driving on the hill stations or the deserts. The car should show how safe and sturdy it is and the Gypsy too proves this.

Ridhvansh   2015-07-29

With lots of SUVs that have come into the market, the SUVs have taken a stand of being sturdy and stylish too. At times, many compromise the performance for the stylish looks. But Gypsy comes with decent look and the with performance there are no complaints. If you think that rugged and decent looks can do for you, then pick Gypsy and you will love it. It is good in mileage, and pic up too.

Aahil   2015-07-30

The exteriors of Gypsy are uncomplicated yet commanding structure that beholds the conventional appeal of a SUV. It is a boxy like construction that is fitted with driver's side rear-view mirror, an extra wheel cover, front footstep assembly, and a foldable front windscreen on the external. The forceful yet remarkable fascia adds more expression to the demand. There are certain typical characteristics in three different versions of the Gypsy. The Hard Top edition of the car has fabric upholstery and a fibre durable plastic top while the Soft Top edition has a foldable windscreen and a detachable canvas top.

Shamit   2015-08-13

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