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Can the 2.5 liter diesel engine of Isuzu be fitted in Maruti Suzuki Gypsy?

By: motor lover on 2017-17-09

1 Answers:

It is not advisable to replace a petrol car engine with a diesel engine as the operation of petrol engine and diesel engine is entirely different. Replacing a petrol engine to be able to run on diesel will require a lot of modifications like ? spark plugs need to be installed, throttle system would need to be modified since diesel engines don’t come with a throttle valve unless they have EGR, intake, exhaust system need to be modified, valve timings need to be adjusted, piston or connecting rod need to be changed in order to lower the compression ratio, lubricating system also requires modification as diesel is a heavy fuel and acts as a lubricant itself unlike petrol which is volatile, brakes would need to be updated for the higher torque, higher capacity battery would be required, you would also need to re-register changes at RTO and insurance. And even after doing all these modifications performance reliability not guaranteed. In my opinion, it would be better to sell your petrol-engine car off and buy a one with diesel engine.

Punit    2017-17-09

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