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How can I improve the mileage of my Maruti Suzuki Gypsy King?

By: rahul dev mohan on 31 december 2017

1 Answers:

Here are some suggestions to improve the mileage of your Gypsy King:

• Keep air filter, spark plug, fuel filter and injectors clean.
• Drive with the optimal tyre pressure as reduced tyre pressure results in friction between the tyre rubber and road which increases fuel consumption.
• Stick to the engine oil recommended by Maruti Suzuki.
• Shift to the highest possible gear without the engine knocking.
• Driver smoothly, as rough acceleration and sudden brakes reduces fuel efficiency. Drive at the optimum speed, not exceeding about 60-70 kmph.
• Do not use clutch unnecessarily
• Avoid prolonged idling.
• Reduce AC use if possible. If you are driving slow, turn off the AC and roll down your car windows. If you are driving fast, then do the opposite.
• A serviced engine consumes lesser fuel, so don't ignore the recommended schedule.

I hope that you found these fuel saving suggestions useful.

Dhinendra   2017-12-31

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