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By: Shiva on 6 september 2014

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Though Omni is a great utility vehicle, it suffers from plenty of limitations too. First there is excessive heating inside the cabin due to engine beining positioned to inside of car. Hence in long drives the driver and co driver can experience very much discomfort. Also there is considerably lesser leg space leading to straight seating posture and hence discomfort over long time driving. As there is no bonnet portion as inother hatchbacks, the slight impact will leave a big dent on the front panel. Besides its the driver and co driver who are directly exposed to frontal impact. A slightly powerful impact will leave the body shell get folded leaving driver and co driver passengers in dangerous situation. Hence if you aare owning a Omni, you better be bit extra carful while driving. Remember Safety first and speed next is best policy especially if you are using Omni.

Sonal Gupta   2014-09-06

Maruti Suzuki Omni just got the standard braking system for the sake of safety. The boxy body design of this car is very much useful for cabin space but there are certain cons of this perfect rectangular body design. The most devastating con of this boxy design is that this car is much more vulnerable to body roll, and might loose control at high speeds, also fast tight turning this actually not possible in this car. The braking ratio is also not equally allotted which means that the car will surely get misbalanced during emergency braking situations. A simple ABS system would have worked fine here, but now Maruti Suzuki's cost saving techniques can be blamed. Also the front row passengers are the least safety because of the flat front design, the front bench people are most vulnerable to injuries during accidents.

Kushagrah   2014-10-30

Omni is a great utility vehicle for several purposes but when it comes to safety, yes it has some issues as it lacks the central locking system, doesn't have a bonnet so a slight impact could leave a big dent on it, the car inside also seem to get heated up quickly while driving due to the engine being placed inside the car and that is not safe too.

garv   2015-03-12

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