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What are the pros and cons of Maruti Suzuki Omni?

By: Kruti on 15 april 2015

9 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki Omni pros:
1-Very easy to drive on city traffic.
2-Engine performance is good.
3-Impressive seating arrangement.
4-Cost of ownership and maintenance is low.
Maruti Suzuki Omni cons:
1-Fuel economy is very low.
2-Lack of advanced safety features.
3-Outdated exterior and interior. 

Sudha   2015-04-15

Maruti Suzuki Omni has been proved to be a very efficient and a low-maintenance car for years. It is available in different variants which include a cargo model, a family car with 5 and 8-seater option and an ambulance which fulfills the need of many. Engine performance of Omni is well proven and it is fuel efficient also. It provides a mileage of 16.8 kmpl on highways. Some of the drawback for this car are absence of AC, low safety measures and unstability at high speeds which makes it unfit for highways.

Eraat   2015-04-29

Maruti Suzuki Omni attracts users on a large scale due to the space it offers. Secondly, it has got an impressive mileage which is a boon for such buyers. However, in the cons section the car gets unstable at certain speeds due to its body design. Also there is lack of safety features in this car which is due to absence of certain equipments in it. The designing is outdated and also styling is a bit dampening fo those wanting to buy a happening car on looks perspective.

Dhiraj   2015-05-02

According to me, the pros of Maruti Suzuki Omni are as follows: comfortable seats for 8 people, fuel economy is good as compare to other cars in the segment and good handling at 80kmph. Cons are as follows: without AC it is very difficult to adjust in the car, seats cannot be pushed back, engine below does not all AC to fit in and at times risky to drive this car.

Biharilal   2015-06-16

As far as its performance I have no doubt and complaint with this car. No doubt, it has a very low maintenance cost that can easily attract buyer who are looking for low price car but what about safety systems. I don’t think this car has sufficient safety systems and there are so many bumpy roads that make safety a crucial matter. Think well before buying this Maruti Suzuki Omni.

Swastik   2015-06-17

Well, I think driving van in the city is an enjoyable experience. Maintenance cost is very low and can be easilyrepaired. Lot of space inside the car and can stretch out completely. The best part is you can repair it by yourself and the parts are very cheap and reasonable. Seats are a bit uncomfortable on uneven roads. Maruti Suzuki Omni is not equipped with essential safety features to ride safely.

Ramesh   2015-06-19

I believe the car is perfect on performance and if we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If it is not look good at the first glance then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? Only concern is the safety features that are not available in the car which makes journey risky at times.

Rahul   2015-06-20

The maruti Suzuki omni is easy to drive on the city roads, even with high traffic. The performance of the engine is good, the maintenance is low, and the cost of owner ship is also low. The fuel economy is less, and the advanced safety features are not present. The exterior and interiors look outdated. The seating arrangement is good, and it lets a large group to travel easily.

Niranjan   2015-06-22

The Maruti Suzuki Omni has an easy driving etiquette. It is a perfect choice for those who are new to driving four-wheelers on a regular basis. It backs up a powerful engine that will surely never let you down. The seating facilities are pretty good and the interior of this car is very spacious. Even one does not have to pay a lot for getting added maintenance services. However, this car does not have a good fuel economy, which is a major problem while going out for long journeys. Even it's safety features are not advanced which is really unexpected.

Saif   2015-07-16

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