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How many kilometers I can go on full tank of Maruti Suzuki Ritz?

By: Dhairya on 21 june 2015

8 Answers:

Hello Dhairya !!

The Maruti Suzuki Ritz has a fuel tank capacity of around 43 litres and it has both diesel and petrol variant available in the market. The Petrol variant is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of around 16 kmpl in the city traffic condition and around 20 kmpl on the highways, while the diesel variant of this car is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 20 kmpl in the city and around 24 kmpl on the highways. So this car can run 688 kms in the city and 860 kms on the highways in the petrol variant, while the diesel variant can run 860 kms in the city and 1032 kms on the highways. This is a great mileage by the Ritz.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-21

Both petrol and diesel engines have the capacity of 43 litres. The petrol variant can give a fuel efficiency of 16kmpl in the city traqffic and 20kmpl on highways, whereas the diesel variant can give a fuel efficiency of 20kmpl in the city traffic and 24kmpl on highways.

Jinesh   2015-06-27

Hi Dhariya, Maruti Suzuki Ritz is known for its good fuel economy. Its petrol run trims boast of fuel economies of 16 Kmpl within the city and 20 Kmpl on the highways. So, with 43 litres of fuel tank capacity, the car would be able to cruise for 688 Km in the city and 860 Km on the highways. For diesel run trims, the city distance would be akin to 860 Km and the highways distance equivalent to 1032 Km.

Arpan   2015-07-02

Hello Dhariya, the petrol run variants eke out mileage figures of 16 Kmpl and 20 Kmpl – within the city and highways respectively. Also, the diesel run variants garner a high mileage figure of 23.2 Kmpl on the highways. Thus, with a 43 litres fuel tank capacity, Maruti Suzuki Ritz (petrol) would be able to run 688 Km and 860 Km (city and highway) and 1032 Km on the highways by the diesel run ones.

Hemant   2015-07-05

I have been a proud owner of Maruti Ritz, what I enjoy the most while driving. In spite of having a bad rear design, even I don’t like. The Ritz is having two fuel options diesel and petrol, the petrol version is having mileage of 17 KMPL and diesel version is having a mileage of 23 KMPL, with the help of that we can go 700 KMS with diesel and 1000 KMS without getting worried for the refueling again.

Fatim   2015-07-12

I am also agree with the authenticity of the above statement, even I don’t like the rear of my Ritz, when I bought it, it looked different to me but soon after It started looking weird. The mileage of My Ritz VDi is one of the best in the class. My car gives me 23 almost while on highways and 20 KMPL in the city. It has a fuel tank capacity of 43 liters which is capable to go 1000 kilometers easily on average city and highway ride.

Rajveer   2015-07-21

I am not agree with the above statement, I have a LXi version of Maruti Ritz and I am not getting more than a mileage if 12 to 13 in the city and 14-15 over highway, however Maruti claims to have a mileage of 18 KMPL, which is exactly not true. Whenever I go for filling the tank fully which is of 43 liters almost the car runs on an average 600 Kilo meters. Also, my drive includes a daily running of 40 kilometers out of which I have to drive more than 20 Kilometers on highway.

Triarth   2015-07-24

No, dear you might be driving the car badly as in case of Maruti Ritz, it has one of the best mileages in class. I am using the VDi version of mileage but I have driven the petrol version quite for some time and never got below 16-17 KMPL. With the diesel version of the Ritz is capable to deliver an exceptional mileage of 22 KMPL minimum on average with a mixture of city and highway drive.

Mr.Coool   2015-07-30

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