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Why cabin of Maruti Suzuki Ritz becomes noisy at high speed?

By: Dansh on 10 june 2015

3 Answers:

Hello Dansh !!

The cabin of your Maruti Suzuki Ritz may become noisy because of either engine noise, road noise (which is transferred into the car from the tyres of the cars), or due to the wind noise, the engine noise may be due to the poor maintenance of the car, always make sure you take your car to an authorized service centre for servicing it and also good quality engine oil should be used, it affects a lot. Another reason maybe because the wind is entering your car from somewhere. If you are not using good quality tyres, it makes lot of noise which is transferred in the car, we can feel the floor vibrations inside the car. 


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-06-10

The cabin of the car becomes noisy because of reasons like engine making the noise, road noise, or the wind noise. Now whenever the engine makes the noise then it means it needs a good maintenance and usage of a good qualiy engine oil also plays a very important role in this. Road noises are transferred to he cabin when the tyres can't make a grip on the road and hence we feel the road vibrations inside the car too. Wind noise comes due to the reason that the wind is entering from somewhere inside the car.

Uttam   2015-06-21

Hi Dansh, The cabin noise felt by you can be attributed to a variety of factors. Foremost among them is the engine not being serviced from an authorised service centre, for after prolonged usage, the engine shafts might get jammed by undesirable particles. Also, the tyres used by your car might have worn out or are not of standard quality. Check the wheel alignment too.

Shriram   2015-07-01

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