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I have been evaluating the Maruti S Cross for some time now and find that the car is really a good option but it lacks a petrol variant. My running isn’t much therefore, should I opt for a diesel variant and would less running be a downside for the diesel engine?

By: Devender on 3 may 2016

1 Answers:

Maruti Suzuki S Cross does miss out on the petrol variant. It is expected that S Cross will soon get the missing variant but there isn’t much clarity as to whether it will be a 1.4-litre K Series engine or the latest 1litre BoosterJet engine. However, coming back to your question, the technologies have seen a vast improvement and therefore diesel engines aren’t what they used to be earlier. Agreed that diesel is preferred by those who have longer running but that is because of the cost factors. Petrol variant is cheaper and if you have a shorter running then the fuel prices will not make much of a difference whereas if you take a diesel car, it is more expensive but since the fuel cost is cheaper, overall it gives you a financial benefit. The deciding factor for you in this particular case should be the maintenance costs (which shouldn’t be much as well because it is a Maruti car) and the feel which you get while driving the car. 

Jatheesh   2016-05-03

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