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How is the performance of sedans like Honda City and Hyundai Verna? Also, which of these are most comfortable and a value for money?

By: Nitin Yadnopavit on 19 june 2016

1 Answers:

Cars like Hyundai Verna and Honda City have become veterans of this segment. Both these cars have a similar performance and similar features with just slight variations here and there. For example, the space in Honda City rear row is much better than what Verna offers but at the same time, Verna top end offers a lot of fancy features including reverse camera and media system with Bluetooth etc. Verna offers a more solid drive at higher speeds as compared to Honda City and its steering is light.
Honda City is available with a 1.5litre iVTEC petrol engine that can give a power output of 117bhp whereas the diesel engine is a 1.5litres iDTEC that can deliver 98.6bhp. The petrol City can reach 150kmph whereas diesel can reach 190kmph. Hyundai Verna on the other hand has more options that range from a 1.6litres petrol and diesel engines along with 1.4litre VTVT petrol and 1.4litres CRDi engines. The car can achieve a top speed of around 188kmpl. On the city roads, Verna can manage up to 10.8kmpl whereas on highways it can deliver 19.9kmpl in its petrol versions whereas the diesel variant can deliver 15.1kmpl on city roads and 21.3kmpl on highways. Honda City on the other hand can deliver 14kmpl in petrol whereas the diesel engine can deliver 23kmpl. The automatic transmission petrol variant of Honda City can manage about 16kmpl.
In terms of value for money, both the sedans are equally good. The only difference comes when you compare the cost of maintenance as Honda has limited service network and higher service costs when compared with Hyundai. 

Dishu    2016-06-19

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