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Why cabin of Maruti Suzuki Drize becomes noisy at high speed?

By: Lalit on 17 june 2015

9 Answers:

Hello Lallit !!

The cabin of your Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire may be noisy because of the poor engine maintenance of the car, engine oil of your car plays an important role here, you should get your car serviced at the authorized Suzuki service centre and the engine oil should be of nice quality. Car noise also may be because of the wind noise, engine noise, and road noise. If your vehicle is diesel engine, it needs more maintenance than the petrol, and diesel engine however makes more noise than the petrol engine. The engine of the car needs good maintenance. 


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-17

The mileage of the car is excellent and especially for the city roads. The car is having the best engine for the city, but for the highways, the performance of the car is low graded. The car will not go smoothly after you cross the limit of 80 kmph. This is the problem of the engine, since the engine is made for the city performance only. This is the reason for the high performance of the car on the city roads.

tyagi   2015-06-21

The car is having a perfect engine for the cities, but the speed limit is a problem. This is a family car and the engine quality has been set at such a level that the speed cannot cross 80- KMPH. You can say that this is a safety feature of the car too. The sound of the engine after the speed limit is crossed will be irritating. Thus this is the car for the city rides.

hansraj   2015-06-23

The car is having some of the excellent features like the mileage and the engine control. The steering and the brake of the car are also excellent, but the engine is really a poor one. You will be disturbed with the sound of the engine in the long run for sure, especially when you get on to the highways. You can get the best and the most comfortable journey on the city roads with the car.

barid   2015-06-30

The arrangement of the car and the ride in the car is perfect and comfortable until the speed limit of 80 kmph is reached. Once you break that limit, the engine will sound so much that it will be irritating you, and if you neglect it, the car will shiver badly. However the car is perfect on the busy roads and the mileage on those roads is also excellent for the families.

Tripti   2015-07-03

The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire turns noisy at high speeds, and this is because of the engine is not maintained properly. The engine oil used is also vital for, the poor quality oils can damage the engine. Always ensure that the car is taken to the service center on time, and then the engine oil is got from the authorized centers only. The diesel engine makes more noise than the petrol engine.

Devesh   2015-07-16

The Swift Dzire from the Maruti Suzuki offers great mileage on the city roads and the highways. The car offers great performance. And it is also perfect when it comes to the looks. The car cannot run more than 80 km per hour speed, and even at 80, the car stars producing some noise. This cabin noise is a sign that the car is not maintained properly. Stick to the service schedule.

Sumer   2015-07-18

Mileage and engine control of the car, are great, and the car is priced very good. This is the cheapest car of the segment. You need to maintain it properly, if you are not doing this, there can be problems like the cabin noise. Stick to the schedule of maintenance, and also use quality engine oil. Do not go for cheaper ones, and end up with cabin noise troubles.

Swastik   2015-07-20

Noises inside the cabin of Maruti Suzuki Dzire can be the result of several factors. It may be due to the uneven or damaged roads of that particular area. The noises inside the cabin can also be the result of irregular or faulty maintenance of the engine. If the maintenance of engine is neglected, there is a possibility that noise can occur inside the cabin. The noises can be less if the engine is a petrol variant. The sound created by the diesel engine is more than the petrol engine. Diesel engine variants require bit more maintenance for noiseless smooth rides.

Gourav   2015-08-06

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