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Does the AC of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire work when the engine is turned off?

By: Deepti on 24 march 2016

1 Answers:

This is a very debatable question because a few believe that this doesn’t matter while the others say that it has a negative impact. However, in my opinion this does affect the battery because if your air conditioner is working it is running on the car battery. Also, if you’ve noticed, when the engine is off the AC does not seem very effective. This is because when your engine is off, it is only your blower that is working, not the air conditioner. The compressor and clutch work simultaneously on the same belt that runs other accessories as well. This belt turns only when the engine is on. Therefore, there isn’t a major issue if the AC is on while the engine is off but it does affect the battery a little. Thus, always try to keep your car in park with the engine on if you want to use the AC while the car is in stand still. 

Vinit   2016-03-24

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