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How does Brake Assist work in Maruti Suzuki DZire? How it is useful?

By: Vikash on 2017-08-09

1 Answers:

Brake assist is an active car safety feature designed to help drivers come to a stop more quickly during an event of emergency braking. When you slam the brakes on, the brake assist system determines it to be an emergency stop and provides more powerful braking for a driver who cannot hold down the brake pedal firmly. Brake Assist works by measuring the speed and force of brake application to determine whether the driver is attempting an emergency stop, if such an emergency is determined, the system applies additional brake pressure to allow the driver to take full advantage of the Antilock Braking System (ABS) which prevents wheel lock up.

Brake assist is useful whenever drivers must brake hard to make an emergency stop. Brake Assist usually works in combination with ABS to help make braking as effective as possible while preventing wheel lockage.

nadim    2017-08-09

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