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How can I improve performance of Swift?

By: Vipul on 10 september 2014

2 Answers:

The New Swift features updated engines, features. The new cars comes with warranty and hence it wont be recommendable to fit any performance improving accessories. If any fault occurs to that, getting warranty to repated parts would be very difficult. However in general some of the techniques such as getting premium quality fuel fillied at reputated bunks providing high quality fuel, using advanced engine oils etc. In particular maintianing the vehicles by following scheduled maintenance would help you get best life out of this car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-10

Nowadays most of the automotive brands provide full car warranty which means ever part of the vehicle owns its personal replacement warranty which means when you face some problems in performance issues then you should take your car to nearest center without much wary of high bills. I also advice you if you try some cleans fuels then you will definitely receive some boot in the engine because clean fuel burns easily and provide good combustions and expansion stroke and lastly it is highly recommended to follow maintenance chart to receive good performance numbers.

Nandish   2014-11-06

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