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Is updated Maruti Swift available through CSD and Police Canteens?

By: Raneet on 20 november 2014

5 Answers:

2014 Maruti Swift is easily available at various CSD and Police Canteens across the nation. Basically, Maruti's almost every car is being offered through CSD and Police Canteen, except a few like Grand Vitara, Kizashi and SX4. 

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-20

It is a question of contrary which might be having different answers, The Maruti swift cars are available at the police canteens and CSD canteens but not at every locations especially smaller city are not having these facilities available. If you want a swift in your area may be you have to get permission from your department and you may have to buy a car by paying in full and later on get the price adjusted at your department.

Taranum   2015-02-06

Yes you have said it right, I wanted a swift desire to be given for my daughter marriage offering and I am employed in Army but when I checked with the department it was available at Patna only. So I went over there and then got to know I can buy by paying full and later I have got the refund of the money what I paid extra to the Maruti than the CSD price.

Jignesh   2015-02-09

Wow, that’s a good thing, I was willing to buy swift at Shimla and I have tried it several times but people were not having proper answer for the same. So I was waiting for the info. Thanks for sharing such valuable information with me. I will get in touch with my department and will do the same. Earlier I have been informed that these options are available only in bigger cities like Delhi and so.

Amogh   2015-06-09

You should have checked with your department earlier, The companies gives the vehicles and other stuffs to CSD and police canteen at a curbed rate to compensate the peoples who are behind our nation’s security and the arrangement you guys are talking about is in action from decades. You can buy stuffs from open market if it is not there in canteen and then submit the bill to your unit they will get the remaining amount refunded to you.

Premnath   2015-06-11

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