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What is the seating capacity of the Maruti Suzuki Swift ?

By: Pankaj on 21 january 2015

3 Answers:

In India most of the buyers are obsessed about the fuel economy and reasonable maintenance rather than comfortable and power. Maruti Suzuki Swift is the one of the greatest achievement form Maruti Suzuki in hatchback section as this car is giving one of the best fuel economy with unbelievable performance parameters which indirectly makes Maruti Suzuki Swift the king of hatchback. Maruti Suzuki Swift is a compact hatchback but still this hatchback manage to carry five passengers including driver in its cabin. Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with number of compartments spaces with wide door pockets to store accessories which becomes very much useful for long drives and roads trips. The downside of Maruti Suzuki Swift is that the central passenger sitting on the rear seat have to struggle a lot with the transmission tunnel and he have to struggle with side passengers as well to get space for his foots.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-21

Maruti Suzuki Swift the most reliable and trust worthy hatchback and there is no doubt that this hatchback has received good response in Indian market. Basically this hatchback is designed to fit only 5 passengers including driver where all passengers have decant leg room and head room, this shows that cabin of Maruti Suzuki Swift is spacious. The down side of this cabin is only for the rear passengers as they have to struggle to fit their shoulders and elbow especially the passenger sitting in center also have to struggle with the central transmission tunnel which is quite high which results in uncomfortable sitting position for him/her.

Ashwaq   2015-01-30

Though the car feels and looks roomier on the outside it can feel limited in the actual number of people to carry on the inside. Swift feels good with four passengers with minimal luggage but actual seating caters for five adults. There is a cramped feel on the rear seating and low rung roof adds to the woes for tall people which may be better with four at anytime. Also the legroom for extremely tall people comes into question. On the other hand front seating is perfectly ok even for tall people as the sizes are adjustable or even reclining.

Mansi   2015-02-12

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