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How speedy and fast is the Maruti Suzuki Swift?

By: Karuna on 5 february 2015

6 Answers:

Though the acceleration of the swift has been improved over time it is still behind its segment because of its bulky frame. But still the petrol version which is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gets to a top speed of 155kmph and can break the 100kmph jinx in a little more than 14 seconds. Whereas the diesel powered oil mill gets to the top speed of 160kmph and takes 16 seconds to reach 100kmph mark from the standstill position.

Manju   2015-02-05

I am very much impressed with Manju’s answer. But the above answer is suitable if you want to know the performance of this car in numerical terms. In a layman term I would like to tell you about this car. The majority of driving population in India is from middle income group people and these are those who prefer good value for money over anything else. So performance doesn’t really matter here. Still Swift is a class leader both in terms of performance and in terms of fuel efficiency, which makes this car, stand above the crowd.

Shashi   2015-02-07

Maruti Suzuki Swift has a bulky frame, and this is the reason that the car is not up to the mark in the segment of speed. Though the acceleration is good, you cannot expect the car to be one among the fastest. The car has petrol version of 5 speed manual transmission engine. The top speed of the car is 155 km per hour and the 100 km per hour jinx can be broken in just 14 seconds.

agstya   2015-04-18

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has good acceleration. The car has 3 engines, the petrol, diesel and the CNG variants. The petrol car can reach the 100km speed from 0 in 14 seconds, and the diesel engine takes at least 16 seconds to reach the higher speed of 16 seconds. But the car with the CNG engine is very slow. The Swift cars are also known for the performance and mileage.

Varsha   2015-04-24

 The Indian car owners belong to the middle income group, and they all look for the value for money. The Maruti Suzuki cars are known for the mileage and performance. The Swift from Maruti Suzuki is the leader in class, and it can be seen that the car is the best for the Indian roads, and the car is also spacious. The car is faster than most in the market, and definitely value for the money.

Parsha   2015-04-30

This car is not meant for speed. This car was meant to bring an innovative design with the hint of good acceleration. The frame of the car has always been an issue in every model. Though it is perfectly aerodynamic, yet it has a good chance of being bulky. The 5 – speed gearbox is capable of taking this car to a top speed of 150 to 160 kilometers per hour speed mark. It takes about 15 seconds to reach the 100 miles per hour mark. Although it was initially not meant for speed, this car certainly provides a powerful ride that also speaks of torque and speed.

Tiger   2015-06-12

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